We study and analyse the effectiveness of local market

We study and analyse the effectiveness of local market

3 June 2022 0000

Evgeny Zinin, Business Development Manager at Global Supply LLC

Global Supply LLC is a branch of the USA company in Azerbaijan. We are engaged in the supply of oil and gas companies, shipbuilding, ship repair plants, as well as petrochemical complexes. We have over 50,000 products that we supply to customers around the world. In Azerbaijan, we are still working in the oil and gas sector.

I came to the Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition to study and analyse the prospects and efficiency of the local market in order to identify new potential areas where we can be useful to the Azerbaijani energy industry. One of our main projects is related to the contribution in the development of Karabakh, the supply of the latest efficient technologies. I had quite fruitful negotiations with the Azerbaijani port of Alyat. In general, the exhibition demonstrated great potential and wide horizons for cooperation.

I really liked the organisation of the exhibition. I believe that the implementation of such projects is a very important event in business development. Businessmen sometimes lose sight of some innovations and changes in the market due to extremely busy schedule. Such exhibitions give them the opportunity to always stay abreast of what is happening, negotiate, exchange experiences, ideas and put them into practice.