We have met many visitors from Europe, Asia, and Middle East

We have met many visitors from Europe, Asia, and Middle East

10 june 2024 0000

Marius Boncutiu

Applications Specialist

Centek group

Centek is a company based in England. We are market leaders in casing centralizers. Azerbaijan is a very important market for us. We have customers like bp and SOCAR AQS over here that have been using our products for two decades. This is for us a great opportunity to reconnect with our partners after all the difficult years post-Covid. We have brought to this exhibition our premium range of products, mainly centralizers for under-ream applications, offshore wells, close tolerance applications, etc. We are launching a totally new and innovative screw stop collar that will be extremely useful for close tolerance applications mainly found in places like ShahDeniz, for example.

It is the first time Centek has a stand in Baku Expo. We are active in displaying our products on global scale and considering the importance of Azerbaijan on the global net for oil and gas and the importance of this area for our business, we joined this exhibition to reconnect with our customers and partners. It is also a way to say thank you and appreciate the business that we have over here. Our presence here has a lot to do with our respect for the Azerbaijan market.

There have been quite a few interesting visitors from outside of Azerbaijan, from Europe, Asia, Middle East, so, there has been quite a bit of interest from companies that we had never met before – mostly new foreign companies. The vast majority of those companies were visitors to the exhibition. My experience is that a fair number of companies are looking for either suppliers or partners in various parts of the world and they send representatives to shows like this to make new contacts and find out about the latest technology. So, we have a fair amount of interest from such companies. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.


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