We drive energy innovation

We drive energy innovation

24 May 2023 0000

Maria Yunda, Managing Director AZE & TUM

SLB is a global technology and Oil and Gas company driving energy innovation for a balanced planet. We work on innovating oil and gas, delivering digital at scale, decarbonizing industries, and developing and scaling new energy systems that accelerate the energy transition.

At SLB, we deliver energy innovation for a balanced planet through 4 strategic fields.

· Decarbonizing Industry - Creating pathways to decarbonize through technologies that monitor, reduce and capture emissions.

· Delivering Digital at Scale - better decisions by connecting data and people to the latest digital technologies

· Innovating in Oil & Gas Scaling - Transforming oil and gas industry performance with solutions that optimize and decarbonize operations.

· New Energy Systems - Accelerating the global transition to low-carbon energy systems.

Some of our solutions include:

SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions (SEES) offers a comprehensive, robust, and flexible approach to emissions reduction tailored to customers’ business. SEES help to measure, monitor, report, and eliminate operational methane emissions and routine flaring quickly and cost effectively.

SLB INNOVATION FACTORI - our customers can turn concepts into digital solutions that extract maximum value from data to drive business performance.

We are eager to demonstrate the contribution of SLB in the development of industry in Azerbaijan, show our vision in the promoting of low-carbon energy systems. Core O&G is our largest engine of growth where we can make the greatest impact in reducing carbon.

Our industry, including Azerbaijan has a vital role to play in the global energy transition. As an industry leader, SLB is committed to the technological advancements and innovations to support the energy transition.

Energy Week is a great platform for discussion of the challenges and topical problems involving the development of the oil and gas industry, renewable sources of power and increased energy efficiency.