Ural Steel is targeting the Azerbaijani market

Ural Steel is targeting the Azerbaijani market

1 june 2023 0000

Dmitry Simankov, Director of Pipe Sales at JSC Ural Steel:

The unified metallurgical holding Ural Steel represents two main areas of activity: JSC Zagorsky Pipe Plant, which produces large-diameter pipes, and Ural Steel itself known as the leader in bridge steel on the Russian market, one of the leading producers of rolled sheets, cast billets, large castings, and cast iron. In fact, our holding produces a wide range of steel products.

Our presence in Azerbaijan is relatively recent and we consider this market to be very promising. For several years we have repeatedly tried to enter your market with tubular products; we have not always been successful, but we are not giving up and intend to develop our business here. This is the reason for our participation in Caspian Oil & Gas. It is necessary to introduce ourselves and our enterprises. In the past, all Russian metallurgists took part in this exhibition. Today, our competitors are also present here, and we should not lag behind them.