Türkiye-Azerbaijan cooperation will ensure energy security for wider region

Türkiye-Azerbaijan cooperation will ensure energy security for wider region

24 may 2023 0000

Melih Han Bilgin, President & CEO, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO)

As Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), Türkiye's national hydrocarbon company and the undisputable leader of the country’s oil and gas exploration and production industry, we are thrilled to be participating in Baku Energy Week to emphasize and further reinforce the strong relations between Azerbaijan and Türkiye and our highly integrated energy sectors.

With its ever-expanding investments, highly diversified onshore and offshore projects, and increasing volumes of oil and gas exploration and production, TPAO is eager and resolute to bring this growing know-how and experience to new fields in and around Türkiye, as well as to strengthen its bonds with partners such as Azerbaijan, a regional and global leader in the energy field.

TPAO has embarked on a new era in hydrocarbon exploration and production towards the ultimate goal of creating an energy-independent Türkiye. To this end, we have launched Türkiye's largest natural gas exploration in the Black Sea with our marine energy fleet in 2020 and succeeded in delivering these substantial reserves onshore, to submit them the Turkish nation's service in 2023. We are not only rapidly developing our expertise in the sectors of ultra-deep offshore exploration, drilling, and construction, but also broadening the skill set of our experienced workforce and contributing to the "reverse brain-drain" through our world-class projects.

We have reached the highest number of onshore well drillings in the history of the Turkish Republic in 2022, with 150 exploration and production wells. We are set to surpass that record this year with new wells that are already delivering excellent results. TPAO has made historic discoveries in new oil fields in south-eastern Türkiye, such as the Şırnak-Gabar region, which according to our projections will meet a significant portion of our country’s oil demand.

As TPAO, we will bring this unique set of competencies, along with our technical expertise and cutting-edge equipment that is increasingly manufactured domestically, to Baku Energy Week. Last but not least, our human resources, i.e. our most valuable asset, will be present at this significant event with the prospect of building new bridges and creating new partnerships with our brotherly nation Azerbaijan. Our countries can, should and are destined to deepen their relationship with new energy projects in the wider region, and assume a significant role in Europe's energy security.