The more specialized exhibitions, the better!

The more specialized exhibitions, the better!

7 june 2024 0000

Ilhama Aslanova, Mechanical Engineer for Pipelines, ENCOTEC

I am a frequent visitor to the International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition. This year, I am pleased to see a large number of exhibits. Not only the companies we work closely with are represented here, but also those whose products we have been pleased to get to know. Alternative energy companies are also represented at Caspian Oil & Gas, for example, Masdar, one of the major developers of renewable energy sources in the Middle East.

There was a period in my career when I provided business developer services to SOCARDalgidj and participated in exhibitions. This extensive experience was useful to me in the future when obtaining a Project Management certificate.

I can say that there is more responsibility on the part of the exhibition organization: technical problems may arise here, and every visitor needs to be informed. And when you are in the role of a visitor, you want to get as much information as possible and bring it to your company.

I think the more specialized exhibitions, the better. Because there are many new companies here, and already well-known ones introduce know-how. The trend of the times makes itself felt, indicating the presence of any modifications, and the company can expand its range of services.

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