Seasoned Pros Build and Repair Ships

Seasoned Pros Build and Repair Ships

7 june 2024 0000

Natig Rzayev, Deputy Manager, Commercial, Baku Shipyard

Baku Shipyard was inaugurated in 2013. Eleven vessels have been built here in the years since and the twelfth is nearing an end this year. Besides, the Shipyard is working on four projects more: building two tankers, a ferry-boat and a dredger. Four vessels more are in design; of those, three will be personnel carriers and one will be for underwater operations.

The enterprise also repairs ships, doing minor repairs, installing new equipment on vessels and upgrading foreign ships. More than two hundreds of such projects have been accomplished to date.

We are regulars at this exhibition and each year we try to present novelties at it. In particular, new projects and capabilities of the company connected to ship repairs and personnel training to the highest standards are in the focus this year.

We have had very important, to my mind, meetings and conversations during the exhibition. I could single out the meetings with the company called Damen, our partners together which whom we are working on several projects already. Also, there have been good many interest discussions and exchanges of opinions about having new vessels built at our Shipyard.

The delegates of overseas companies were especially attracted to our potential of the vessels working in the Caspian Basin. As you know, it is rather very difficult for large vessels to pass via the Volga-Don Canal to enter the Caspian Sea. Therefore, our Turkish and Kazakh partners are interested in prefab ship assembly opportunities of Baku Shipyard.

The Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition was traditionally gratifying for its organisation and those positive and attractive acquisitions that came as rewards summarising the event. It is important to us to be present at such events to demonstrate the capabilities to the circles of those who come to the exhibition searching for this or that product or services. We have been able to establish ourselves and acquire new partners through our participation of the exhibition over the past years. I think this year will be no exception.

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