Raising Technip Energies` brand awareness in Azerbaijan

Raising Technip Energies` brand awareness in Azerbaijan

1 june 2023 0000

Rufan Yusifov, Consulting Engineer, Technip Energies:

Technip has been involved in projects in Azerbaijan since 2004. We have been involved in Shah Deniz and Azerkimya projects for many years. Since 2021, we have been presenting ourselves as Technip Energies, and today we continue our participation in key projects, including the oil refinery. We have also signed memoranda of understanding with the Azerbaijan Investment Company, and one of the projects involves the construction of a plant in Sumgayit to produce "green gas" from plastic-rich household waste.

We are also designing the installation of wind turbines at sea to generate electricity to replace the gas turbines installed on the platforms. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as a result of fuel combustion. We are mainly involved in this kind of project. Technip Energies is also involved in consulting. Our company has a lot of experience and is now the leading engineering and technology company in the energy transition.

The purpose of our presence at Caspian Oil & Gas is to increase the visibility of Technip Energies in Azerbaijan - to this end, we are massively informing visitors about our projects, plans, and strategic goals, and at the same time expanding our customer base.