Partnerships across the globe

Partnerships across the globe

7 june 2024 0000
Fidan Karimova, Procurement Specialist at BlackWell

BlackWell offers procurement and supply services, specializing in a diverse range of equipment and spare parts for the oil and gas, petrochemical, and energy sectors.

Our primary focus is on delivering optimal and comprehensive solutions to our clients. To achieve this, we have cultivated partnerships with manufacturers worldwide, granting us access to a wide array of products at competitive prices in both local and international markets. Additionally, we have entered into numerous dealership agreements and enlisted professional engineers to ensure the effectiveness of our operations.             
This is our first participation in an oil and gas exhibition where our equipment is displayed. This opportunity holds immense potential for our business. It seems that our debut was a great success. We managed to attract new clients and establish relationships with other companies that could potentially become valuable partners.
While our primary collaborations are with Socar and its divisions, we had limited knowledge about some companies due to the lack of close contact. However, over the three-day exhibition, we gained valuable insights into each other's operations, shared experiences, and set plans for future collaboration.
We were impressed with the organization of the event, and we look forward to next year's exhibition, hoping for an even larger scale, where we can participate with a bigger stand.
I strongly believe that hosting such exhibitions plays a crucial role in the advancement of the oil and gas sector. In today's landscape, numerous companies operate in both local and global markets. Exhibitions like these offer an excellent opportunity for communication, business meetings, and professional discussions, benefiting everyone involved.

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