NOV are proud of our history in Azerbaijan

NOV are proud of our history in Azerbaijan

24 may 2023 0000

Claus Meyer, NOV Global Accounts VP Completion and Productions Solutions

For more than 150 years, NOV has pioneered innovations that empower the global energy industry, enabling our customers to safely produce abundant energy while minimizing their environmental impact. The energy industry depends on our deep expertise and technology to continually improve oilfield operations and assist in efforts to advance the energy transition towards a more sustainable future.

NOV has supplied technology to the Azeri oil and gas field development for more than 20 years. With a very competent team of local and international engineers and technicians we are bringing the best drilling technology to Azerbaijan from the drilling rig to the production equipment. From the drilling RIG through the drill string and to production NOV delivers the technology required to efficiently and safely manage the entire process.

With NOV latest technology we are bringing the people out of harm’s way by automation and digitalization, our proven technologies deliver the performance required.

For us the Caspian Region is one of a key region for the development of the Oil&Gas market. NOV are proud of our history in Azerbaijan, exited for this opportunity to showcase some of our technology at the Caspian Oil and Gas 2023.