“Limitless” sleeve and dart process

“Limitless” sleeve and dart process

24 May 2023 0000

Jeyhun Najafov, CEO, Advanced Upstream

Advanced Upstream (Au), a Calgary-based innovation leader, is reshaping the landscape of hydraulic fracturing completions through its innovative sleeve and dart mechanism, compared to the traditional plug and perf and ball-drop systems. Au’s “Limitless” process helps oil and gas producers produce up to 30% more oil and gas during a horizontal well’s lifetime by addressing the stress shadowing challenge, thus establishing a more efficient fracture network. At the same time, Au’s process significantly reduces the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during completions, effectively augmenting the producer’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials and fostering access to capital for future endeavors.

Au’s “Limitless” sleeve and dart process combines steel sleeves with electronically-activated magnesium darts. This allows for precise sleeve targeting, creating a "limitless" fracturing technique that eliminates the need for wireline and coil tubing intervention during completion. This technique yields numerous advantages, such as amplified precision in well-stimulation and a reduction in both downtime and operational hazards.

A standout feature of Au's mechanism is its environment-friendly orientation. By replacing the plug and perf methodology, this technology dispenses with 3-4 tons of CO2e in direct GHG emissions per well and up to 941 tons in indirect GHG emissions for fifty wells completion. This reduction stems from the end-to-end CO2e deduction achieved by removing the need for wireline and coil tubing, surplus steel from perforating guns, vehicular transportation, and other emission-related factors.

The significant curtailment in GHG emissions greatly augments an oil and gas firm's ESG score, potentially boosting its capital acquisition ability. As the sector grapples with intensifying calls for eco-friendly practices, companies utilizing Au's tool can underscore their commitment to sustainable operations and carve out a unique position in the market.

Au's customizable hardened steel sleeve nozzles offer a key advantage: They proactively tackle the stress shadowing conundrum. This is achieved by preserving the fracturing fluid's path deeper into the rock strata before omnidirectional expansion occurs. Consequently, the fracture network can relay more effectively further away from the horizontal well, maximizing extraction from the formation, a feat unreachable with plug and perf.

By neutralizing the stress shadowing problem, Au’s system can significantly boost the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of a well. Companies leveraging this technology could experience a 30% or more uptick in EUR, yielding markedly better return on investment. This enhancement is not only economically beneficial but also supports more efficient resource extraction, aligning with the industry's sustainability goals.

Our interest in participating in Baku Energy Week is to showcase the advantages O&G can enjoy using our sleeve and dart system for hydraulic fracturing completion. The diminished GHG emissions and improved ESG credentials make it a desirable choice for firms striving to enhance their environmental

stewardship. Moreover, the capacity to address stress shadowing and heighten EUR further illustrates the system's potential to transform hydraulic fracturing practices by significantly increasing resource extraction. As the industry progresses, embracing cutting-edge solutions like Advanced Upstream's technology will be pivotal for long-term success and sustainability.