It’s a good platform for matchmaking between service or product providers and customers

It’s a good platform for matchmaking between service or product providers and customers

10 june 2024 0000

The KT Fotonics company is based in Vancouver, Canada. Here at this exhibition, we are looking for distributors for our leak detection, emission control, testing equipment which is mainly used in detection of methane gas leaks and VOC gas. Those are greenhouse gas emissions that as a result of oil and gas production processes cause increased worldwide control of greenhouse emissions. The US Environment Protection Agency has published a new environment-protection regulations effective since December of 2023 asking for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero level by certain year. Europe is doing the same thing by having released, I think last month, Net Zero Emission Regulations. Our company offers a unique product that uses infrared thermo-camera for optical gas imaging which allows remotely visualizing any invisible gas leaks.

This part of Europe is new to us, and it is my first visit to the country and to the show. I just want to learn about the local oil and gas sector, looking in particular for a reseller or distributor of our products to this market. Yesterday and today, I have been able to identify some interesting parties whose needs are very urgent. For example, we have offered a camera that can be attached to a drone to identify gas leaks. So, these parties have expressed interest and as I go back, I will have our sales manager start talks with them and I hope we can find a reseller or distributor for this country, for Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the region. We have made 5-6 very good contacts established at this exhibition which is one of the major useful platforms in this region for people to do matchmaking between service or product providers and customers.

James Zhan


KT Fotonics, Canada

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