I praise highly the business atmosphere of the exhibition!

I praise highly the business atmosphere of the exhibition!

10 june 2024 0000

I represent the Russian company that manufactures and delivers gas regulation units and gas purification cabinets. We have major plants.

I have come to the Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition in search of local Azerbaijani partners with which our company could work eventually because the oil and gas sector is very close to us. The colleagues and I have been able to hold several fruitful negotiations with representatives of various companies. We have gleaned useful information and learned about products.

The stand of SOCAR interested me very much. We exchanged opinions with the company representatives and earmarked meetings. We have also visited to the stand of the company called Sillur. Companies from Uzbekistan and Turkiye attracted our attention.

I would say that I often hear favourable feedback from guests as I visit such exhibitions; the overseas people laud the organisation of international events. In reality, this year, I have come to see once ore that the exhibition sets top standards organisation-wise. There are very many local and overseas companies, bright standards and a marvellous business atmosphere.

Exhibitions are exceptionally important for business development. They are not merely about demonstrating stands and equipment but, first and foremost, about live contacts, liaison and experience exchange. I consider that such exhibitions are necessary and not only for our country but also for all the overseas participants and customers.

Ramin Hasanov, Business Support Manager, the New Technology Development Centre

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