I believe the exhibition has been a success for us

I believe the exhibition has been a success for us

7 june 2024 0000

outcomes, we shall be analysing them later on.

Alexander Garg,

Sales Director, Mokveld Central Europe

The Dutch company Mokveld is a manufacture of axial fittings for petroleum industry. One of the oldest European companies, it has been supplying hydrocarbon markets world-wide with specialist equipment for critical application areas for longer than a hundred years. The offers include preventive-system valves, regulating fittings, sub-water valves and so forth.

Here at the Caspian Oil & Gas we are showcasing the equipment adapted to oil and gas upstream operations in Azerbaijan, mindful of the local climatic, natural and relief specificities. We have been present in this market for approximately twenty years and our products are known well here. The Mokveld axial valves are unique, dependable, high-quality and stand out for their long operational duration.

We participate in many exhibitions and we think that each one’s effect ought to be measured against the results achieved. The company representatives have attended exhibitions in Baku a few times previously. This year, we decided to come up with a stand of our own. In essence, an exhibition is a multi-faceted networking event where potential patrons and business partners intersect, enjoy mutual understanding and make new and advantageous connexions. I believe that the exhibition has been a success for us. The existing connexions are solidified, the new ones discussed and as for more specific

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