Excellent news: the benefits of visiting exhibitions!

Excellent news: the benefits of visiting exhibitions!

4 june 2022 0000


Murad Suleymanov, Supply manager of Olimp Engineering Services

- The main direction of activity of our company is engineering and topographic services, as well as the supply of rolled metal products (pipes, sheets, fittings, etc.). I would like to note that the one-time visit of the Expo Center for a full review of all expositions is clearly not enough, so I came to the exhibition on the second day. But the time has not been wasted! I managed to hold useful meetings with all companies, which are interesting for us. In particular, I was interested in the proposals on lifting mechanisms, butterfly valves and a number of other specific equipment from Russian manufacturers.

We are in the SOCAR’s list of vendors, and for many years supply them with various equipment. It is very important to have an understanding of the existing global innovations to satisfy the demand of our main customer. In this context, exhibition gives an invaluable support.

In general, I would like to note that all the tasks that were set for the visit to the exhibition were fully resolved. Among them is the expansion of connections, search for new suppliers, acquaintance with innovations, and discussion of the current course of cooperation with partners. A small example: at the exhibition “Caspian Oil & Gas” 2022 I was able to meet with a representative of a foreign company, with whom I was in a business correspondence for the last three years. The meeting in reality became a wonderful ending to virtual contacts. Thanks to the exhibition and its organisers!