CASPIAN OIL & GAS - We hope to come here next year!

We hope to come here next year!



Abdulaziz Khamraliev, Sales Manager from Diz Energo, Uzbekistan

Our company specialises in wholesale sales of light petroleum products. I came to Baku for the first time. I am looking for new suppliers of petroleum products to Uzbekistan.

To minimise rental costs, we are building our oil depot in Uzbekistan. For this project, we are also looking for necessary equipment at the “Caspian Oil and Gas” exhibition. We have already talked with two participating companies. We believe that we will work with them.

The exhibition is very hospitable, the organisation is perfect. All stands are intelligently divided into sectors and directions. It is very convenient. One immediately feels the style of an important event, where suppliers and buyers directly discuss joint business. This saves time and finances. Here we have the opportunity to go through our tasks in many directions. We hope to come back next year. I would like to see more representatives of oil refineries. Today it seems that there is not enough such brands offering their products. The stands of oil traders would also be interesting.