CASPIAN OIL & GAS - The most important role of the Caspian Oil and Gas exhibition cannot be overestimated!

The most important role of the Caspian Oil and Gas exhibition cannot be overestimated!



Rizvan Sadygov, chief engineer of the Experimental Production Enterprise for the repair and rental of submersible facilities, Azneft Production Association

- Azneft Production Association is an advanced production facility operating on modern equipment. At the same time, the world of technologies does not stand still and is constantly improving, therefore, I came to "Caspian Oil and Gas" exhibition with desire to get acquainted with the international innovative products, latest in the industry. Domestic and foreign participants offer many new ideas that may be of interest in our daily work.

Of all the companies represented at the exhibition, we closely cooperate with SOCAR STP. The creation of such enterprises in Azerbaijan is extremely important and allows us to purchase the products we need from domestic manufacturer, rather than from abroad and for foreign currency. At the meeting with representatives of this company, I received interesting information about the new products of the enterprise. I also had a number of important talks with other companies.

I would like to note that over the past few years, negotiations were held and the foundations for the contracts on purchase of equipment and products that we currently use in our work were laid at this exhibition. Its most important role cannot be overestimated, therefore, specialists from our association and other companies operating in oil and gas industry are regular visitors to this exhibition. Also a pleasing indicator of the development of our country is the growing number of Azerbaijani companies-exhibitors.