CASPIAN OIL & GAS - The exhibition promises meetings with new partners.

The exhibition promises meetings with new partners.



Zohra Zulalova, marketing coordinator of the Azerbaijani company Freqat Marine MMC

At the exhibition, we represent the interests of three companies - Freqat Marine, Aurum Offshore Systems LLC and Az Safety.

Freqat Marine MMC (Fregat LLC) has been operating since 2004, providing a full range of maritime services, including ship’s agency and mooring services, procurement of ship equipment, deals with logistics, customs clearance and maintenance.

We also have our own fleet of ships, and operate in such Azerbaijani ports as Hovsany and Turkany.

Such specialised vessels as the “Marinus Tug” and “Voltar”, are in great demand, and are actively used for operations in the oil and gas sector.

As for Az Safety, at the exhibition we present life jackets and other accessories that are necessary on ships.

Among our clients are large local and foreign companies operating in Azerbaijan, as we have a good business reputation.

The fact that the exhibition is currently being held in Baku in person gives us a breath of “fresh air” for our business, and also promises meetings with new partners.

It may happen that eventually we will be able to enter the foreign market of services, with the contribution of this exhibition.

We are open for new interesting offers.