CASPIAN OIL & GAS - Scaffolding for assembly work

Scaffolding for assembly work



Abbas Khadzhiev, sales manager at Layher system scaffolding

The German company Layher will make its debut at the Caspian Oil and Gas exhibition and expects to find partners here, as it is the world's leading manufacturer of scaffolding for assembly work used in the construction of industrial and civil facilities.

The company has two manufacturing plants in Germany, from where it ships its products around the world.

So far, products are delivered to Azerbaijan from Turkey, where we have three depots (in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara), but we want to create such a depot with our products directly in Azerbaijan as well. We consider this country attractive for our work.

We provide services to oil and gas companies, shipping companies, as well as companies specialising in the construction of civil facilities, and we see the great potential of Azerbaijan in all these areas.

We would like to organise the supply of scaffolding from Germany to Azerbaijan, and have already opened an office in Baku. We have experience in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, and it can be useful in Azerbaijan, which we are talking about in Baku.

Our optimism is based on the fact that Azerbaijan has begun construction work in the liberated territories, and Layher equipment can help in this.