CASPIAN OIL & GAS - Modern approach to pipelines monitoring

Modern approach to pipelines monitoring



Dubravko Kamenecki, CEO of Feromihin d.o.o

The company Feromihin specializes in the complex tasks of consulting, procurement, installation, maintenance and servicing of transport systems for oil and gas pipelines.

At the Caspian Oil&Gas exhibition we will present:

  • eLBC (Line Break Control) – a solution that provides monitoring and automatic blocking of the pipeline during a sudden drop in pressure with the additional possibility of solar power.
  • PIMSF (AYMO) – software platform for pipeline integrity management. It offers a unique and modern solution for the gas and oil industry in terms of pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, corrosion growth prediction, repair and maintenance planning, and keeping complete documentation related to a particular pipeline or network.
  • Asset Integrity Management System (ams)

We will also present a number of new products that should be of interest to the participants and visitors of the exhibition. AYMO – pipeline integrity management system is our web application and besides presentation in attachment below you can find short description about it.
Our “AYMO” PIMS solutions is a modern platform specifically targeted for pipeline operators and integrity engineers which would be comprised of assessing risk and handling pipeline integrity operations.

The platform encompasses a wide range of functionalities in handling the full life cycle of a given pipeline It is fully Cloud friendly, Web browser responsive and globally accessible to operators and technical personnel. The platform offers a possibility to create virtual pipeline from the most basic level Real pipeline model

The main goal of participation in Caspian Oil&Gas exhibition is to present our digital software solution AYMO – PIPELINE INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM on a new market. We are hoping to have strong and direct connections with the end users and to have opportunity to present our solution to them directly.

We would like to meet the end users and decision makers from oil&gas business of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Turkey from transmission, transportation of oil&gas departments, connected to pipeline integrity and asset management  system within the companies. As well our solution will be interested to all plants and organizations with huge infrastructure which are interested in more precise monitoring and managing their assets.