CASPIAN OIL & GAS - We are waiting for an influx of visitors

We are waiting for an influx of visitors



Luigi D'Aprea, Director of ICE-Italian Trade Agency

State Agency under the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy, ICE-Italian Trade Agency, is established to develop the Italian economic and trade relations with foreign countries in any way thinkable, to attract investments from abroad, and to expand Italian business to the territory of Azerbaijan. To this end, the companies provide information about the characteristics of the market, trying to establish cooperation between the companies and the representatives of other countries. In this sense, this exhibition is simply irreplaceable. We are very pleased with the organisation of the event, as it professionally approaches each client.

At the moment, our stand presents 15 Italian companies conducting the presentation of high quality services in the field of oil and gas products, from valves to gas detectors. Today we are waiting for a special influx of visitors, because we have sent a newsletter to all Azerbaijan companies operating in this sector, and have invited them to visit our stand. We hope it will prove possible to establish cooperation and to conclude contracts. We would all like it very much!