CASPIAN OIL & GAS - We want to supply catalyst agents to Azerbaijan

We want to supply catalyst agents to Azerbaijan



Aleksandr Zaytsev, Deputy General Director for Commercial Issues and Development at Gazpromneft - Catalytic Systems LLC, Russia

- Our company, a subsidiary of Gazprom, is implementing a national project for the production of catalyst agents for oil refining in the city of Omsk. This is an important import-substituting project for Russia. It is no secret that petroleum refining catalysts for all major and key processes in Russia are imported from far-abroad countries, Europe and the USA. But since the oil refining industry is crucial for our country, it is very important to ensure the safety of these supplies. And the issue of a powerful manufacturer of such catalysts has been a longstanding one; we are now at the construction stage, and in 2020 our production is expected to start.

The 26th International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition is one of the key events in the Caspian region. I am speaking today at the final session with a report. I will talk about the progress of the project. We are interested in Azerbaijan. We would like to become suppliers of catalysts to local businesses. Projects in the oil and chemical industries are booming. This is the first pilot visit of our delegation to the conference. Any exhibition and conference provide an opportunity to express themselves, to talk about the benefits that can be brought to other companies. Secondly, it is an important way to make contacts, find partners.