CASPIAN OIL & GAS - We offer 360 ° solutions for steel work

We offer 360 ° solutions for steel work



Bahadur Alizade, CEO, Leading Supply Solutions

The most up-to-date method of modern construction is the steel work solutions for buildings and facilities. As a partner offering 360 ° solutions for steel work, Leading Supply Solutions proudly presents its new partners:

Lincoln Electric products provide high quality welding jobs for the installation of metal constructions. It is possible to protect metal structures with Jotun dyes from harmful effects of the atmosphere and increase fire resistance for safety purposes, to create safe, secure work platforms for various works on metal structures in any complexity with Urtrim Scaffolding Systems.

Rockwool products are mainly used to control temperature changes in metal reservoirs, tubes, and other facilities, which occur in various oil and gas industries.

In addition, a wide range of power supplies such as compacting products, abrasive materials, mechanical and electrical hand tools, personal protective equipment and other industrial waste materials, generator-compressors in our product portfolio is a unique opportunity to meet all the needs in the listed work. The products offered by our brands complement each other and offer one-to-one solutions for complex solutions.

The main purpose of participating in the exhibition is to share our innovations. As you know, in 2019, there will be many new oil and gas projects in Azerbaijan. LSS also wants to participate in and become a part of these projects. The exhibition always means new acquaintances, new offers and new opportunities for us. Caspian Oil & Gas is probably the only event that has led to the creation of these opportunities by bringing together all players in the oil and gas industry.