CASPIAN OIL & GAS - Our products are well known in the seismic business

Our products are well known in the seismic business



Jeffrey Corkhill, General Manager, CASPIAN GEO LLC

Seismic data acquisition and data processing, both offshore and onshore, are the core of Caspian Geo’s business and will be presented during the exhibition. Our products and services are well known in the seismic business:  multiple towed digital seismic cables and the latest acquisition technique using Ocean Bottom Node (OBN). These technologies allow us to acquire superior data in a safe and efficient manner.
This service was previously provided by Caspian Geophysical and due to organizational changes within the shareholders of the company this business was taken over by Caspian Geo company. Our goal is to demonstrate that this service, previously provided by Caspian Geophysical, will continue its life under new entity, Caspian Geo, and we welcome all Oil & Gas companies requiring seismic acquisition and data processing services.

It is a unique market where we have numerous Oil & Gas companies already operating and new Oil & Gas companies wishing to enter the market.  The exhibition provides an opportunity for all of us to discuss existing projects and to negotiate new opportunities. It is our first year operating in the region and we hope that it will the first year in the long chain of many Successful Business years to come. We are grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to present our products and services to exhibitors and visitors.