CASPIAN OIL & GAS - We are in Azerbaijan nearly 20 years

We are in Azerbaijan nearly 20 years



Lu Canlin, Huawei Azerbaijan Ceo

Results of Huawei company experience and people qualifications, you may see, we are focused the future. Our target is make the life easy and smart with our solutions. Our solutions are trusted and highly efficient. Cloud Data Center, Campus Network, SAP HANA, Digital Refinery, Digital Pipeline, Digital Oilfield with Exploration and Production HPC Cloud solutions are our shining and future stars. Especially for Oil & Gas Exhibition we will explain our solutions to be support your problems and make your business more successful. 

We will provide our solutions for increasing efficiency in our customers business. Human and system complex environments are getting easy to manage. We are waiting all innovation focused companies and who wants to be more professional with our solutions. In that exhibition we will show our experience that they are all about energy sector like oil and gas.

How heart is the most important thing in body, we believe that Caspian Oil and Gas is the most important thing for Azerbaijan. We believe that, “We will make your heart healthier” We will support our Oil & Gas Companies to make them good perspective. Next generation technologies will make you feel more secure and professional.

We are happy too much for becoming a sponsor of the Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition. We are in Azerbaijan nearly 20 years. Our experiences and our trusted relationships made us a part of Azerbaijan. It is our primary duty to develop and benefit the country in which we feel good. Thank you to all teams, managers and who supported us in Oil & Gas Exhibition.