CASPIAN OIL & GAS - As scheduled, we have already held a number of important meetings

As scheduled, we have already held a number of important meetings



Natalya Balaeva, Director of Marketing, Delan

- Delan is a structural subdivision of the Ruscomposite group of companies. Debuting at the exhibition with the support of the Russian Export Centre, we are presenting three main areas of production. These are insulating materials for cold and hot application, repair of pipelines and application in the factory. There is a wide range of geosynthetic materials, and finally, we are showcasing the technology of constructing temporary roads using mobile road surfaces. These road plates are mobile and can be folded, thanks to which in any off-road conditions it is possible to build a road on which a technician can carry a weight of up to 80 tons. We also have equipment for electrochemical protection in the oil and gas sector.

We analyze the opportunities for expanding our presence in Azerbaijan, increasing sales in the region. Our target audience at the exhibition is representatives of oil and gas companies engaged in servicing, repairing and equipping oil and gas facilities. We have already held a number of interesting meetings as we planned. Participation in the exhibition allows us to assess the potential demand for products, market capacity. The exhibition is very interesting; there are many visitors. It has been organised to a high level!