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Rechargeable batteries from the world manufacturer



Yuriy Khoteev, Head of the f Energy and Industry Department at GNB Industrial Power

- I am representing GNB Industrial Technologies for the first time at this exhibition in Baku. GNB Industrial Technologies is an industrial division of Exide Technologies. Our company is the world's leading manufacturer of lead-acid industrial batteries with more than a hundred-year history of existence and extensive experience. The Concern Exide Technologies includes 11 factories in Germany, France, Portugal and Spain. Today we offer a wide range of equipment that is used in various sectors of the national economy, such as oil and gas enterprises, oil platforms, compressor stations, oil and gas pipelines, Azerenerji and Azerigiig substations, generation facilities, various uninterruptible power systems that are used in all industries of the national economy.

We also offer our customers a complete solution for the DC system, including rechargeable batteries, DC boards, and uninterruptible power supplies. We sell our products in Azerbaijan through distributors. The days spent at the exhibitions turned out to be fruitful for us. There was a sufficient number of customers and new partners. There is a huge demand in our equipment in almost all industries, including power, oil and gas, etc. The role of specialized exhibitions is certainly high in the expansion of horizons, acquaintance with new organizations and customers, and, of course, in increasing the turnover of the company. Next year we will definitely consider participating here again.