CASPIAN OIL & GAS - The potential of the High Technologies Park

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The potential of the High Technologies Park



Vusal Suleymanli, Chief Specialist of the High Technologies Park of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, ANAS

- Our High Technologies Park was created by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 8th, 2016. Today there are three divisions; one of them is an industrial research plant that offers oil for certain types of vehicles, along with the naphthalanic oils. Our clients are the leading structures of the country.

The second division is a park of science and technology. His tasks include development in the field of electronics and robotics, he specializes in the production of unmanned vehicles. Today at our stand we present two drones. They can fly for a distance of 10km., stay in the air for one hour and lift up to five kilograms of cargo. The dron “Əqrəb” (Scorpio)  is equipped with a thermal chamber, with which it is possible to conduct thermal analysis of corrosion and damage to drilling rigs.

The third division is formed by a joint company with the famous English brand “Milers Oil” which specialize in products for industrial machines.

Our park has a convincing potential, and as debutants of the exhibition, we hope that the enterprise will arouse the interest of youth and private firms. It is important to emphasize that the park plays a major role in the creation of an innovative eco-system based on the state scientific and industrial potential.