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We offer diesel and gas generators



Ergun Yılmaz, Marketing Manager at AKSA

- AKSA is a well-known Turkish manufacturer of diesel and generator equipment with many years of experience. The company's products are exported to 160 countries, we are the world leader in power generating equipment of the highest quality and reliability. For about twenty years we have been present on the Azerbaijani market; we have strong ties and sustainable business here. AKSA also serves as an important intermediary in joint projects of our countries.

The energy sector is very important for us, we always offer new products and work on new models. Today we offer diesel and gas generators to the local market. We do not have our own factory here, but thanks to reliable relations, we supply products directly from the plant, we carry out necessary commercial operations in the Azerbaijani market. In particular, we showcase different products at our stand. These generators can be used at gas stations and at the construction sites of companies that deal with energy sources. Also, they are noise-insulated generators-cabins. At present, AKSA power stations are available to customers in a rather wide range of models in the power range from 2.2 to 2500 kVA with single- or three-phase power generators.