CASPIAN OIL & GAS - Reliability and quality of deepwater jackets

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Reliability and quality of deepwater jackets



Dominique Roussat, Senior Commercial Manager at Bos Shelf LLC

- Since 2001, BOS Shelf has been engaged in the construction of jackets, underwater infrastructures, pile sets and foundation plates in the Caspian Sea, both for the domestic market and for international customers.

Baku Deep Water Jackets Factory named after Heydar Aliyev is managed by our company. In addition, BOS Shelf is the largest logistics operator in Azerbaijan, where our port and logistics base are located.

We have been participating at the International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition since 2002. During this time we have managed to find a lot of clients and partners with whom we are doing business today. Thus, proceeding from our own experience, we can state that the exhibition attracts the attention of industry professionals every year, allowing us to establish profitable business relations. I would like to note the organization Caspian Oil & Gas 2017, which, as always, meets the highest standards.

Our goal is to demonstrate Bos Shelf’s activities to the representatives of the major oil companies and to conduct an effective marketing campaign, thus promoting our product on the market.