CASPIAN OIL & GAS - SOCAR Turkey energy clarifies number of people laid off in Petkim

SOCAR Turkey energy clarifies number of people laid off in Petkim


The Turkish subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), SOCAR Turkey Energy responded to media reports about the arrests and numerous dismissals in the largest Turkish petrochemical company Petkim.

SOCAR Turkey Energy, which is the main shareholder of Petkim, reports 27 dismissed. It also clarifies that four employees of SOCAR Turkey Energy were dismissed.

The Chairman of SOCAR Turkey Energy Vagif Aliyev expressed confidence that Turkey will come out of this situation stronger: "We are here with all the energy and want to announce the continuation of investment."

 As previously reported, the head of the largest petrochemical company Petkim, Sadeddin Korkut, was arrested in Istanbul. For some time now the company's controlling stake belongs to Azerbaijan, but rather the State Oil Company (SOCAR).

As the agency Anadolu said, Korkut and a group of employees of the company are accused of having links with the organization Hizmet headed by Fatullah Gulen.

The premises of Petkim were raided and documents were confiscated. Two hundred employees of the local petrochemical and energy complex are also accused of having links with Hizmet and have been subjected to legal proceedings.

In turn, SOCAR has informed that Anar Mammadov, who previously headed the division of SOCAR Trading in Greece, has been appointed new CEO of Petkim today.